Florida Showcase Teams

Showcase Team

Congratulations to Our 2015-16 Showcase Teams!

No one tells – or shows – the FIRST story better than FIRST teams! FIRST in Florida is raising the bar in showcasing FIRST statewide, and we’re inviting Florida teams to be an active part of our statewide outreach efforts, gain some recognition for your teams and schools, and hone student marketing and presentation skills in the process. Here’s how it works.

Teams listed on this page:

1. Actively and professionally participated in a minimum of three outreach events organized in Florida by FIRST.

2. Documented involvement in at least three additional outreach events in their community – science fairs, e-week, etc..

Our Showcase teams

  • Exhibit GP conduct at all times
  • Are student-driven
  • Understand  FIRST 
  • Understand and can speak to the importance of FIRST involvement in enhancing their academic and future workforce experiences.

Congratulations to our current Showcase Teams, shown at the top of the page, and congratulations to all the great teams past and current, for providing exemplary outreach year round!  Teams are recognized throughout the year, so check back regularly.

Our 2014-15 Showcase Teams!

Our 2013 Showcase Teams!

How to Participate

  • If you want to be a Showcase team, click here to learn how.
  • If you want to RSVP for an outreach event that you’ve been invited to by FIRST in Florida,  please apply via our online Outreach Form
  • If your team is ready to apply for Showcase recognition, click here to complete the online form.