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FL AlumniSince its founding in 1989, hundreds


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of thousands of youth have been part of FIRST programs worldwide. As we enter our 27th year of providing quality STEM education programs, we’re also starting to see 2nd generation invol


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vement, as the children of former FIRST team members begin taking up NXTs in Jr. FLL and FLL, and multiple generations of families are often involved in teams and tournament production. Many FIRST alum fully subscribe to the philosophy that FIRST is for Life!

Florida FIRST Alumni was begun in earnest in 2013 by FIRST Alumni and long time volunteer, Barry Bohnsack, whose own FIRST experience resulted in a career track that involves him directly with the NASA space program.  Today the group has a  robust Twitter group, a professional LinkedIn group and plans for additional social media and networking resources for professional and personal achievement as well as for providing continued mentoring and support services to next generation FIRST students.

alumniWho Can Join?

To join the Florida FIRST Alumni  you:

• must be a senior in high school or a high school graduate
• must have been involved in FIRST as a student before graduating
• must have some connection to Florida (currently live in, work in, attend college in, or were on Florida team when you were in school).

Why Join Florida FIRST Alumni?

Florida FIRST Alumni members will have the opportunity to:

• learn about FIRST events in FL
• learn about mentor and volunteer opportunities with FIRST
• create career development opportunities through mentoring and coaching
• learn about job and internship opportunities
• network with fellow FIRST alumni
• share your experiences with current FIRST participants and sponsors
• and much, much more

How do I join?

form button (1) (1)Fill out our online form and then send an e-mail to FloridaFIRSTalumni@gmail.com. You will receive an automated e-mail with information of who to contact in your area, or on your campus, for local activities.

Have Questions?

Email Barry Bohnsack at bonzack@aol.com

For more information about the national FIRST Alumni Network,visit the Alumni and Internship page at FIRSTInspires.org